Riad Bsaibes, CEO of Amana Investments explains efficiencies created by DUBOX at the #TheRedSea. Modern digital (virtual design) planning ensures efficiency and ease of management of the project lifecycle.

DUBOX Buildings are designed in a Building Information Modeling (BIM) virtual environment. Buildings are virtually tested, enabling asset managers to work with their consultants to evaluate building performance prior to manufacturing and construction. This enables DUBOX to work with our partner The Red Sea Development Company collectively to deliver optimally performing assets. The result is a well synchronized product, that is error free, and comes with a seamless delivery and operation.

DUBOX by AMANA has played a key role in the rise of #OffsiteConstruction and the way technology has enabled the use of #BIM to provide high quality in large volumes at remote locations.

Challenging and changing the way we build. Building Smarter, Safer, Quicker, Better, and Greener.