DuBox is a modular design & off-site concrete construction company.

We design and deliver complete single or multi-storey buildings in concrete using modular methodologies. Entire buildings are manufactured off-site in our factory. Modules are shipped pre-finished to job sites, where they are installed.

Speed, efficiency and effectiveness drives everything we do.


Sector Expertise

DuBox provides turnkey solutions to architects, real estate developers and investors in the Middle East. We are focused on delivering modular construction solutions in concrete.

The sectors we work in are:

Modular Methodology

Modular Methodology is a process in which a building is constructed off­site, under controlled plant conditions using the same materials and designing to the same code and standards as conventional built facilities. In half the time.

Benefits of Modular

  • Shortened build times
  • Earlier return on investment
  • Scalable and relocatable
  • Responsive and flexible designs
  • Superior quality
  • Manufacturing in a controlled factory
  • Project efficiency
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Programme and cost certainty
  • Reduced resources
  • Minimal site disturbance