About DuBox

We are a 100% UAE innovation

We design, manufacture, assemble entire buildings out of our Dubai facilities.

DuBox - Modular Concrete Construction

Innovation in construction

We are disrupting conventional construction methodologies, challenging existing traditions, improving efficiencies and the quality of our built environment.

We have invested over five years of research and development with projects prototyped and realised across the region, delivering over 130,000 square metres of built up area (BUA) in modular.

Our SMART Center of Innovation is instituted in Dubai to develop the future generations of DuBox in materials, process and best practice research connecting the world of research and academia.

Unlike our competitors, DuBox delivers complete modular building solutions in concrete, designing whole buildings in repeatable and modular formats responding to client requirements.

Our Vision

To Challenge and change the way we build


Our Mission

To provide modular design and offsite construction products and services to architects, developers, owners and investors

By embracing modularisation, we provide better value through improved consistency in quality and performance, speed of construction and early return on investment.


Our Purpose

To be faster and more efficient.

We believe the construction industry can be more efficient. As pioneers in the world of concrete modular construction, we are demonstrating the reality of this option by successfully executing challenging projects through our modular methodologies across the GCC. DuBox is the evolution of traditional construction into a more efficient and quality controlled process unrivalled in the region.


Our Competitive Advantage

Superior Engineered Buildings

DuBox provides modular design and offsite concrete construction, directly influenced by our client’s requirements for speed of construction, enhanced quality, economy of scale and a single point of responsibility. The key advantages of modular construction are short build times, superior reliability, superior quality, economy of scale, increased site productivity, reduced site activities, environmentally less sensitive, safer construction, reduced professional fees and a greater certainty of completion on time and to budget.

Our Value Proposition

Superior Engineered Buildings

  • Turnkey Solutions in Concrete Modular Construction
  • On Demand Development
  • Rapid Time to Market
  • From Design to Finished Structures in 30­50% Less Time
  • Consistent Quality in Product
  • Scalable and Relocatable Assets

For Developers & Investors

  • On demand development – build as and when you need
  • Rapid development cycles
  • Accelerated return on investment programmes
  • Optimal use of capital and development resources
  • Minimal disruption to existing facilities
  • Trusted delivery partners

For Architects & Programme Managers

  • Innovative and exciting design solutions
  • In-house design and engineering support


Chebel Bsaibes

President & CEO

As the founder of DuBox, Chebel has been pioneering industrial and disruptive processes in the construction industry to improve the way we build. As the President and CEO of Amana Investments, he brings over 34 years of experience in the design and construction of industrial projects in the GCC region.

Chebel holds an honors degree in Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management from The University of Nottingham, UK, and he is a Harvard Business School Alumni through the OPM Program.