Who we work with

  • Architects

    Designing better with Architects

    Innovation, efficiency and design all define how we approach every project. We work in partnership with architects to deliver cutting-edge building designs in modular formats. Modular methodology allows for a more efficient and intelligent approach to architectural design, translating to an effective use of resources, improving construction quality while significantly reducing time to completion.

    We provide in-house modular design and engineering support.

  • Program Managers

    A plan for program managers

    A plan for program managers
    Our range of offers in hospitality, residential, retail, medical and education mixed with consistent quality and speed in construction provides a unique opportunity for Program Managers to deliver quick wins for major developers in their large projects. With the challenge of delivering infrastructure versus finished assets, DuBox is uniquely positioned to support Program Managers on delivering incremental, yet significant volumes of assets for its clients, in parallel to ongoing large-scale infrastructure work.

  • Developers

    Support when developers need it

    We are ideally suited to support Developers and Master Developers with mid to large-scale mixed-use projects and portfolio needs. From affordable to high-end projects, we specialise in low to mid rise buildings, townhouses, villas, retail and commercial properties.

  • Investors

    Building value for Investors and owners

    Quality, consistency and a significantly reduced time to completion are measures of DuBox’s value proposition. Our methodology allows for earlier occupancies of buildings, hence earlier returns on investment. We are able to develop, design and engineer buildings in pre-cast concrete. Our unprecedented time to market means you can move from the drawing board to occupancy in half the industry benchmark.