Dubai Industrial Park has awarded DuBox for its outstanding innovation achievements.

As a pioneer in the industrialization of construction through modular, construction solutions together with its global R&D platform, DuBox is bringing the building process from the site into a factory environment while rapidly prototyping new ideas and technologies.

Dubai Industrial Park Innovation Award

Chebel Bsaibes, Chairman of the Board of Directors, (fourth from left), receives Dubai Industrial Park Innovation Achievement Award.

DuBox has worked on many innovative construction techniques including, concrete modular construction, 3D concrete printing, and, mobile precast lines.

About DuBox
DuBox is a modular design and offsite construction company. DuBox designs and delivers complete single or multi-storey concrete buildings using modular methodologies. Entire buildings are manufactured at the DuBox factory, including all services and finishes. Modules are trucked or shipped pre-finished to job sites, where they are installed.

Efficiency and effectiveness drive everything we do.

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