Focus on digital transformation, environmental considerations, and talent acquisition

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the construction sector in the GCC, creating a mix of opportunities and challenges.

Some of these changes, such as industrialization and digitization, have become a reality. In order to keep pace with the new normal, the construction system in the region needs to make strategic decisions.

Amana, the regional contractor for design and construction, revealed the main trends in the construction sector 2021 with the aim of charting the way by developing an integrated growth strategy driven by digital transformation and taking into account the main trends in the sector and its vitality.

Riad Bsaibes, President and CEO of Amana Investments, said: “Construction companies must invest in digital transformation to continue their business in the future and enhance their profitability in this dynamic market that is witnessing rapid changes. We are witnessing a growing trend towards promoting sustainability.

The convergence of manufacturing, technology and construction will be among the main directions for 2021, which contributes to pushing the prefabricated construction forward, given its importance in reducing waste, project costs and schedules, while adhering to new health and safety protocols on the site in line with efforts to address to the Covid-19 pandemic.

More off-site construction: As projects race for completion amid the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, prefabricated models have emerged as a viable solution.

It provides a safer building environment and reduces the need for manpower by 30%, making it an ideal solution for the post-pandemic environment. It is likely to reduce material waste by 30% and improve safety in the work environment by up to 70%, compared to conventional construction. These percentages do not come according to expectations, but are proven according to well-thought-out plans.



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